Do you notice your self esteem dips during difficult experiences in your life?

It happens to all of us when we go through challenging transitions such as job losses, divorce and loss of our spouses.  In those more difficult transitions, it requires us to begin to look at ourselves to make changes. Now, change is not always easy or comfortable. But to be happy and emotionally and physically healthy, we know deep down we must begin to look at ourselves and perhaps get some help from a trusted advisor. 

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Part of that change will be making physical changes such as leaving a job or a marriage.  Other changes will be mental and emotional changes within ourselves, such as being positive, stopping negative self-talk and stopping the seemingly constant intrusive thoughts in our head. So how do we make these changes in a productive rather than destructive way?  How do we engage in healthy habits of sleeping and eating and positivity rather the negativity or self-destructive thoughts and habits?  

We can make these important changes by looking at ourselves clearly, being able to assess our next moves, taking small steps over time, analyzing and adjusting as we go.  We must tap our inner resilience to become unstuck and move forward to find the right job, a happy relationship, a new beginning.

I’m here to help you in your journey of building resilience, making healthy changes, building self confidence and helping you see that a positive future is  attainable.

Let’s make this journey together to navigate your transition toward a more peaceful and happier life.