Telehealth – how i do it

Access Telehealth from the comfort of your home

Did you ever wish you could have a psychologist come right into your home and have your session while you were curled up on the couch with your cup of coffee?  Today, this is absolutely possible!  In the convenience and safety of your own surroundings, we can talk through any issues you may want to address.  And you never have to leave your couch.

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Clients who use Telehealth love the convenience and comfort. But it is also very timesaving. No more battling traffic, the parking lot, waiting in crowded waiting rooms and it’s very confidential. Other clients appreciate Telehealth because they may be medically unable to travel outside their home, have scheduling conflicts or want the added privacy of being in their own home. Now, you are able to discuss your issues, such as fears, anxiety, depression, sadness, loss, self-esteem, relationships and any other issues while in the comfort of your own home.

Telehealth has been proven in studies to be just as effective as in-person therapy

I have been using Teletherapy services (both video conferencing and telephone sessions) for years. I’ve always loved the medium as it allows you to see your client and help them talk through issues as if you were seated right next to them, but it is so much more convenient for my clients.

Your protection is important, so I use an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant and confidential internet platform. For your convenience you may decide to use both video or telephone sessions at different times depending on your schedule and needs. It’s your choice!

According to a 2021 Harris Poll, 84% of people who were previously doing in-person therapy, now prefer Telehealth for their therapy sessions.

It is important for your confidentiality to make sure you are in a quiet and private room where you can close the door and have your privacy while speaking without interruptions. When you use video, it may be easier to use earbuds so you can cancel out background noise. There may be times when we lose the connection on video; no worries, just have your telephone nearby so we can continue via telephone.

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If you are using the video sessions, you may use your computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s best to use the free Google Chrome or Firefox browser for video sessions as it lends itself much more reliably to video conferencing. My encrypted and confidential platform is easy to download and free to use. Just type in into the search line. You will then enter my virtual waiting room. Just click the I’m here button to let me know you’re in my virtual waiting room and it lets me know you are waiting for me. It’s that simple.

Please give me a call so I can answer any of your questions and discuss how Telehealth will make your life easier. I look forward to talking with you.